Your job as a fleet manager means that fuel costs occupy your mind every day. Out of thousands of miles driven, even pennies per gallon can impact your budget. Many fuel brands attract customers with their fleet fuel cards with discounts. Offers of 5 or 10 cents off per gallon have great appeal, but do those discounts really save you money? Prices can vary among fueling locations by more than that. Your drivers might be pursuing the discount instead of saving more money elsewhere. Fuel Express extends the freedom to choose where you fuel based on your fleet’s priorities.

Fleet Fuel Cards with Discounts

Maximize Every Dollar You Spend

Issuers of fleet fuel cards with discounts entice you with savings that may or may not materialize. Fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express connect account holders with a complete suite of fleet management tools. Your account provides everything that you need, like fraud protection, mileage tracking, and budget controls.

Fleet Fuel Card Discounts Can Restrict Choices

Although fleet fuel cards with discounts work at most locations, their discounts and rewards are not applicable everywhere. Discounts are routinely dependent on using the fuel company providing the gas card. Fuel prices at the card issuer’s locations might be higher than competitors even after the discount. Focusing on these discounts could be robbing you of the chance to buy fuel at more affordable places.

Fleet Fuel Card Discount

Shop for Lowest Prices

Over 320,000 locations nationwide accept fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express. Your drivers can choose the fuel stations with the best prices. They can monitor prices along their routes easily with the merchant locator phone application. When your drivers spot good prices, they can fuel up. Additionally, your fleet can stay on route instead of seeking out specific fueling locations. This freedom shaves more miles off your fuel expenses and saves time.

Track Vehicle Expenses With Your Fleet Fuel Cards

A Fuel Express account generates a fleet fuel card for each vehicle. The system logs all spending and breaks down the operating cost for every individual vehicle. Your drivers may also swipe Fuel Express cards to pay for maintenance. This capability adds more detail to your expense tracking without complicating your record keeping. Fuel Express also generates information about mileage per vehicle for your review.

On top of tracking expenses for individual vehicles, you will see what individual drivers do. You assign a PIN to each driver. This PIN logs driver spending activity for any vehicle card. Driver-associated PINs increase security and gather data that could alert you to violations of fleet spending policies.

Budget Control & Security

Managerial controls let you define reasonable budgets for each vehicle. Fuel Express generates paperless receipts and keeps you up to date about current spending levels. For additional security, you may also impose daily spending and swipe limits. Those settings create another barrier to theft should cards get lost or stolen.

Track Vehicle Expenses

Choose an Alternative to Fleet Fuel Cards With Discounts

Our fleet fuel cards meet the needs of small fleets and bigger national operators. You can manage fuel and maintenance costs through a single account. Fuel Express also connects with GPS solutions.

Talk to us today before you assume that fleet fuel cards with discounts offer the best deal! Our fleet management solutions create savings and convenience from many angles. To learn more about applying for a fleet fuel account, reach out now.