Fleet GPS Tracking

GPS sensors in vehicles exchange signals with global positioning satellites (GPS) that orbit the planet. As a fleet manager, you can imagine how fleet GPS tracking could relieve frustrations and improve operations. Fuel Express has the resources to help small, medium, and large fleets install a GPS system. This technological upgrade will result in numerous benefits for your organization’s bottom line. Contact us today for more information or to get started!

Benefits of Fleet GPS Tracking

With GPS for your business, you can track the movement of your company’s vehicles. On top of knowing where they are, the system can collect data about vehicle speed, braking, acceleration, and engine idling. GPS data integrated with your fuel cards builds a complete picture of fleet activities and expenses. Armed with actionable data, you can experience many benefits including:

Boost Productivity

Fleet GPS tracking allows fleet managers to increase driver efficiency. Clear and accurate information will replace your best guesses. You’ll see how drivers spend their work hours and gain insights about the best ways to deploy your fleet. Your fleet will become more nimble and able to respond to shifting priorities or emergencies.

Reduce Fuel Costs

The expense of fuel looms over all fleet operations. Data collected by a GPS system lets you see when and where your vehicles are idling. Often this results from heavy traffic. GPS makes it easier to design routes that keep vehicles moving. You may also devise routes that shave miles off of routes.

You may be pleasantly surprised by the fuel efficiency gains that you could achieve with fleet GPS tracking. The Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration News reported that one HVAC fleet with monitoring technology cut fuel costs by 36%.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Reduce Insurance Costs With Improved Safety and Theft Recovery

Insurance always produces a big bill for fleets, but GPS can give you the upper hand with that too. Vehicle tracking reduces or eliminates unauthorized use by drivers. Insurers know this will cut down on the likelihood of an accident with a company vehicle. As a result, you may qualify for a discount because vehicles are solely used for company business.

As for safety, GPS tracking gives you the ability to monitor driving behavior. This should prevent your drivers from speeding or taking risks because they know they are being recorded. By encouraging safer driving, GPS could decrease your accident rate according to the insurance publication Property Casualty 360.

Also keep in mind that vehicle theft becomes rare or impossible with GPS. You’ll know where a stolen vehicle is and can recover it. This capability eliminates insurance claims for a total vehicle loss.

Improve Customer Service

Fleet GPS tracking enables quick answers when clients call asking about a delivery or service call. You can provide accurate estimates about arrival times. Quick and easy rerouting with GPS tools could help you respond to traffic jams or other unexpected events. Your fleet may even be able to serve more customers in less time as you improve your routes and responsiveness.

Cut Down on Maintenance Costs

GPS will tell you when certain drivers tend to perform hard stops or rapid accelerations excessively. Counseling them about such driving behaviors could prevent premature brake damage or unnecessary engine strain. Overall, GPS helps you monitor mileage and activity for a vehicle and stay on top of routine preventative maintenance.

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Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions From Fuel Express

Fuel Express offers two GPS solutions for fleets. Both Geotab and GPS Insight can integrate with the fuel purchasing data gathered by our fleet fuel cards. When combined with our fuel card, GPS gives you a complete suite of fleet management tools.

The Geotab GO9 device plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II port. Fuel Express also can provide an adapter for installing Geotab on older vehicles. This GPS device captures the data that empowers you to optimize your fleet.

If you’re in need of an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) the Geotab Garmin bundle serves this purpose. It automatically records driver hours, vehicle inspections, and international fuel tax miles. Choosing Geotab prepares you for future demands on your fleet. The Geotab Marketplace includes various extra modules that make upgrading your fleet easy should you require more options.

GPS Insight Features

GPS Insight comes with handy features that help you get the most from fleet GPS tracking. The Mapping tool lets drivers switch between map and street views on Google Maps. This can help them find locations on their first approach and avoid turning around. The system also supports sending a driver a message with special directions.

The reporting tools in the system supply the insights in GPS Insight. You’ll get to study reports about mileage and drive times. GPS Insight also comes with a mobile application. This makes it possible for a fleet manager to check on vehicles while out of the office.

Count on Fuel Express for Personal Service

The team at Fuel Express is here to help you get set up quickly with fleet GPS tracking. We’ll answer your questions and explain how to integrate the system with a fleet fuel card account. You get complete onboarding assistance so that you can enjoy the many benefits of GPS right away. Contact us today for more information about fuel cards and GPS fleet tracking.