Fleet Management System

Decrease Your Costs and Improve Driver Compliance

Fleet managers spend a lot of time simply organizing data. Tedious hours can be spent inspecting credit card statements, receipts, and driver logs. If you catch an improper purchase or overspending, you have to correct the problem after the fact. With Fuel Express’ advanced fleet management system, powered by today’s technology, you can focus on making the right business decisions. Fuel Express fleet fuel cards collect data for you in real time. You simply log on to your online account and take action. Our fleet management system also automates some enforcement actions such as declining overspends or rejecting prohibited purchases.

Over 320,000 locations across the United States accept our fleet fuel cards. Anywhere that your drivers travel, there’s a gas station nearby where they may stop for fuel.

Fleet Driver Activity Tracking

Each of our fleet fuel cards may be assigned to a specific driver. That way, when he or she makes a purchase, you will know the time and date that the driver stopped at a gas station. If this stop does not correspond with an expected route, you can investigate a potential misuse of your company’s resources. Our cards protect against fraud with algorithms that detect unusual activity. Drivers must enter a unique PIN to activate the card at pumps. When something doesn’t look right, we will contact you.

For even more data, pair the cards with our GPS tracking system. You will know vehicle locations in real time, and respond more quickly if a driver reports an accident. In addition, you can enforce company safety policies with data about vehicle speeds. Fuel efficiency data will help you identify vehicles with mechanical problems.

Spend Monitoring

Each fleet fuel card allows you to set limits on driver spending and allocate dollars to fuel and maintenance categories. You will no longer spend hours tallying data from credit card statements and purchase receipts.

When it comes time to pay your bill, we offer a number of payment options and schedules. We will work with you so that you can manage your cash flow.

Fleet Budget Control

Our paperless online system provides real-time control of your spending from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Several managers could view the data from different locations at the same time while participating in a conference call. You would not have this flexibility with paper receipts stuffed into an office file cabinet.

Enjoy seamless activity monitoring, spend monitoring, and budget control with Fuel Express’ fleet management system. Decrease the headaches of controlling fuel costs and enforcing company policies. Call Fuel Express today to learn about how we’ve helped companies similar to yours.