Visa Fleet Card

About Our Fuel Card Services

You can count on the team at Fuel Express for comprehensive fleet fuel card services. We have been exclusively focused on fleet services for decades. Fuel card account holders and their drivers have access to 24/7 customer support if questions arise. Over 320,000 locations accept our fuel cards nationwide. Additionally, online fleet fuel card accounts and reporting tools streamline budgeting and record keeping.

How Our Fuel Card Services Benefit You

The fuel card services we offer include many additional benefits that distinguish it from competitors. Those advantages begin with flexible solutions that let us meet the unique needs of your organization. With our fuel card, you have access to comprehensive fleet tracking. Know exactly what your fleet is doing, and you aren’t limited to monitoring fleet activity but can control it as well. You’ll also benefit from universal acceptance, merchant locating tools, and superior fraud prevention.

Superior Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a significant threat to your bottom line when it comes to managing your fleet, and an integral component of our fuel card services is providing you with the tools and protective layers to safeguard against it. We offer you multiple layers of protection, including a responsive customer service team that is available to you around the clock. Other notable layers are fuel pump prompts, daily dollar limits, daily swipe limits, and regional blocking. You will also benefit from customizable exception monitoring that will alert you to altered spending patterns and other unusual activity.

Strong Security Features

Merchant Locator Tools

The fuel card services we offer are made even more useful through the sheer size and scope of our merchant network, and we provide you tools that make that network even more accessible. That means less downtime for your fleet, and your drivers can access our online acceptance locator and other resources through either our mobile app or website. Our merchant locator is a powerful tool that helps drivers find exactly what they need where they need it. Features include detailed maps along with driving directions on demand, and drivers can explore this map visually or use a powerful search mechanism that filters by merchant attributes, such as fuel price, diesel availability, and automotive services, and by location, including addresses, zip codes, intersections, and even places of interest.

See How Our Fleet Fuel Card Can Help Your Orginization

Monitor Fleet Spending

Through our fuel card services, you can control your budget by monitoring all spending. Every time a fuel card is swiped, you’ll know how much was spent and on what. Track the spending habits of individual drivers and the expenses associated with different vehicles within your fleet. This allows you to pinpoint wasted resources and take control by setting purchase restrictions. No matter the size of your organization, our fuel card services will help you forecast your fleet budget and save on fuel.

Nationwide Acceptance

Our network numbers more than 320,000 locations and continues to expand. That means that most fueling stations in the U.S. accept our card and that you’ll benefit from our fuel card services no matter where your drivers need to go. Save money and time due to more efficient routes. Put fewer miles on your vehicles. Spend less on maintenance, and choose the lowest fuel prices for even greater savings.

Control Your Budget

Halt overspending. Increase your bottom line, and never chase down a paper receipt ever again. No matter the number of employees and vehicles in your fleet, our fuel card services include the tools you need to establish a budget and adhere to it. You can also go paperless with Fuel Express and have access to all the data you need online, including reports that we create customized based on your needs.

Fleet Fuel Card Budget Control and Fraud Protection

Additional Customer Services

Our top-notch customer service begins as soon as you apply for our fuel card program. We’ll discuss your operational needs and explain how to realize the greatest benefits of using our fleet fuel cards. Once you sign up, your account representative will guide you through the onboarding process.

Your account representative will ensure that your adoption of fuel cards from Fuel Express is as smooth as possible. As a fleet manager or owner, you’ll receive:

  • Full training in the online fuel card account system
  • Guidance to help you customize reports
  • Information about new products or features when they become available

We’re here to help you resolve any issues whether you’ve been a customer for 1 day or 10 years. We’ll help you maintain accurate fleet fuel card accounts. When you have staffing changes, we’ll walk you through how to add or remove driver IDs. If you lose any cards, you can always expect a rapid response and we’ll issue replacement cards right away.

Our fuel card services will play a vital role in monitoring and tracking your fleet expenses. If you have questions about invoices, we’ll investigate your account and track down answers. Fraud protection is part of your account as well. Our team will alert you to suspicious activity.

Get a Fleet Fuel Card Today

Our fuel card services provide a versatile solution for organizations of all sizes. Fuel Express serves small businesses, large corporations, in addition to government and nonprofit agencies. If your organization has 4 or more vehicles or uses at least 100 gallons of fuel weekly, then you can apply. The transaction data collected by our fleet fuel cards will reveal valuable insights about your fleet. To increase efficiency, security, and productivity, get fuel cards from Fuel Express today.