Gas Cards for Businesses

Placing fleet fuel cards in the hands of your drivers is more secure than issuing company credit cards. The gas cards for businesses from Fuel Express constrain purchases to mostly fuel and maintenance. This differs from the open-ended purchasing power of a standard credit card. In addition, our fuel card lets fleet managers set a maximum budget for each vehicle. This feature ensures compliance with your budget. Overall, Fuel Express provides multiple tools for budget management, security, and efficiency. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help your business improve its efficiency and bottom line.

Effortless Fuel Expense Tracking

A Fuel Express account produces a clear record that lets you regularly monitor fleet spending. As the fleet manager, you enjoy a well-organized fuel expense record separate from other business expenses. Gas card transactions at fueling locations produce paperless receipts. The Fuel Express system records the amount, time, and location of every fueling for each vehicle. We achieve this by assigning a specific fuel card to individual vehicles. Drivers enter their PINs when fueling regardless of which vehicle they are driving. This creates a detailed picture of expenses for each vehicle and spending behavior for each driver.

How Gas Cards for Businesses Save Time and Money

Over 95% of all fueling locations nationwide accept our gas cards for businesses. Our huge acceptance network totals over 320,000 locations across urban, suburban, and rural routes.

Nearly universal card acceptance means that your drivers can buy fuel almost anywhere along their routes. This convenience factor reduces excess miles driven in search of fuel. On top of that, you can choose locations with the lowest fuel prices. Hundreds of fuel brands and national and regional chains process payments using the Fuel Express business gas card. Taken together, your fleet stays productive while cutting costs whenever possible.

As an added perk your administrative record keeping duties will become easier. The statements produced by our gas cards for businesses organize the data automatically. You will no longer spend time inputting any fuel expenses by hand. For example, your fleet fuel card account contains what you need to prepare IFTA returns.

Secure Gas Cards for Businesses

Strong fraud prevention tools stand between your fleet and thieves. For starters, you can set the parameters for your transactions. When spending deviates from your rules, the system will alert you to the suspicious activity. Additionally, fuel pump prompts can prevent thieves from completing a sale. You have several options to choose from. You may require one or more inputs such as driver ID, vehicle ID, odometer reading, or route ID.

Enjoy Improved Fleet Efficiency

At regular intervals, you have the option to review mileage reports for individual vehicles. If you notice a spike in fuel usage for a certain vehicle, then this is a warning that it needs maintenance. The early warning could allow you to avoid a costly breakdown that puts your fleet behind schedule.

The ability to use almost any fueling location could empower you to design better routes. Every mile that you can take off of a route represents a cost savings. Also consider how tracking spending for each driver could let you spot inappropriate spending before it busts your budget.

Discover How Fuel Express Can Help Your Fleet

Since 1989, Fuel Express has stayed on the cutting edge of fleet fuel management. Our gas cards for businesses work great for fleets large or small. Fuel Express can show you how to use your fuel card account to optimize your budget. To learn more about the convenience and security possible with our gas cards, simply contact us today.