Gas Station Fuel Card

About Gas Station Fuel Cards

A gas station fuel card can really increase the efficiency of your fleet. A fleet fuel card from Fuel Express can be just what you need to make your fleet move smoother. These fleet fuel cards have become increasingly popular with businesses because they make it easier to manage the monthly fuel expenses of your fleet.

Equipped with Features

Fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express look like a debit or credit card. However, they operate quite differently. Their goal is to make it easier to manage a fleet with features to eliminate complications with fuel distribution. They eliminate exaggerated reimbursement and purchases for unauthorized items. In addition, they allow you to adhere to a more controlled limit for monthly fuel expenses. By using our gas station fuel card, you will effectively reduce your overall costs for fuel and the time you spend managing your company’s fleet.

Another benefit of using our gas station credit cards is accountability. You will be able to view your account twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This gives you the ability to track your operators, their fuel usage, and the time they have spent in between refueling stops.

Safety and Security

We also offer twenty-four-hour phone support to you and your drivers. Simply call our toll-free number and one of our representatives will be happy to help you with any problems with your account.

Our gas station credit cards also offer great safety features. With a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express, drivers no longer need to carry large amounts of cash to pay for fuel. In addition, you can make sure your cards are only used for fuel. This will keep your monthly expenses lower. You will receive an itemized statement every month for each card, including the actual cost of the fuel.

Gas station credit cards are a great way to manage your fleet. You’ll be able to determine the best fuel price locations and schedule your routes accordingly. Gas station credit cards from Fuel Express will also save your drivers time. They work at the pump, eliminating those long waits in line. You can also set a limit on the fleet fuel card to control how much fuel is used during a trip. These limits can be adjusted monthly, depending on which driver is using the card.

Purchase Tracking and Restrictions

Our fleet fuel cards also let you track all of its purchases. Each transaction will post to your account in real time. You can view these transactions via online access to your account, which will show you the time, amount, and location of the purchase. This allows you to keep more accurate records of expenses and estimate more accurate arrival times. You can factor in the exact time it takes for your drivers to complete their runs and calculate more precise delivery charges.

With a standard gas station fuel card, you won’t be able to set purchasing limits, which can help you stay under your monthly budget for fuel. Fuel Express fuel cards, however, allow you do so. This can help you avoid faulty charges on your account. Unlike other gas station credit cards, you can set a Fuel Express fleet fuel card for only fuel purchases, which will keep your drivers on track. Ready to get started? Fill out our form today to get started. for a fuel card from Fuel Express.