GPS Tracking

Know Where Your Fleet Is At All Times

Not all GPS solutions are the same, which is why at Fuel Express, we give your fleet a solution with both GPS tracking and diagnostic benefits. When paired with your fleet fuel cards, these features can help you create an ultimate fleet management program.

With GPS fleet tracking technology, you’ll be able to monitor each fleet vehicle’s location, number of stops, idling time, speed, and mileage. When you know this information, you can use it to increase your fleet efficiency, reduce your overtime costs, and increase your revenue, giving you a positive return on investment (ROI).

A Fuel Card With GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking is one of the most powerful features of the Fuel Express fuel card. It allows you to monitor fleet movements in a granular, comprehensive, and real-time manner. The in-the-moment data available to you extends far beyond vehicle location. You’ll have access to vehicle speed, road time, engine idling, and engine performance. You can even track details about driver acceleration and braking. GPS enhances security as it immediately reveals theft and after-hours usage. It allows you to update routes on the fly because client needs have changed, or in order to avoid a traffic jam, and also in the event a vehicle breaks down, GPS connects your drivers to emergency services and tow trucks.

Strong Security Features

Superior Protection From Fraud

We’ve already mentioned some of the ways that GPS fleet tracking can help you avoid fraud, but the fraud prevention power of the Fuel Express fuel card goes far beyond that. In fact, there are multiple layers of defense, and while you can track vehicles in real time, we have systems in place that are protecting you around the clock. These include an exception monitoring system that detects unusual spending and alerts you. You can also put limits in place that reduce the risk of fraud. These include spending limits, swipe limits, regional restrictions, and fuel pump prompts, which will prompt the user for an odometer reading along with either an employee, vehicle, or route ID.

Early Detection of Mechanical Issues

Another powerful aspect of GPS fleet tracking is the ability to identify certain mechanical issues before they manifest into a more serious problem. As an example, GPS reports can indicate that a vehicle is suddenly consuming more fuel than usual. Your fleet management team can then take that vehicle offline and have the issue diagnosed and corrected, and that’s going to be considerably more cost-effective than having to deal with a vehicle that’s broken down on the side of the road.

Boost the Productivity of Your Fleet

GPS fleet tracking is a tool that can make your fleet more productive. When a customer calls, tracking lets you dispatch the driver that’s closest to that location. It also helps you plan the most efficient routes, avoid heavy traffic, construction, and accidents, and keep your drivers on task. You’ll not only avoid unnecessary miles but deliver a higher level of service to your clients.

GPS Tracking For Your Fleet

Track Your Fleet Expenses Too

Making your fleet more productive isn’t limited to GPS fleet tracking. Fuel Express also helps you protect your bottom line and monitor spending. Establish a budget that makes sense and stick to it. Purchase restrictions can be set for drivers, vehicles, routes, and regions on a daily, weekly, monthly, and individual basis. We’ll also provide you with reports that can help you identify spending trends so adjustments can be made.

Reports & Alerts

Our GPS solutions also give you the opportunity to set up a variety of reports and alerts that can notify you of important information. With alerts like idle times, out-of-range incidents, posted speeds, etc., and reports like DTCs, drive time summaries, fuel usage, etc., you can keep better track of how your fleet is doing and where you need to improve. If you’re alerted of an accident that’s happened on your driver’s route, you can use GPS tracking to reroute them to a safer path. You can also use GPS tracking technology to notify authorities of your driver’s location, should he/she need assistance. A vehicle’s location can also help you monitor the efficiency of each of your drivers, which lets you plan your schedules accordingly.

Take Your Fleet to the Next Level

The Fuel Express fuel card provides GPS fleet tracking and many other powerful tools that will help you make your fleet a much more well-oiled machine. Get started now using our online form, and call 1-800-462-0799 if you have any questions about GPS fleet tracking or the other aspects of our fuel card.