Gas Card Application How it Works

Our Gas Card Application Process

Fuel Express has developed a quick and easy gas card application process. We use the information that you provide to match your company with the best fuel card features for your fleet. We can tailor service options to support the financial goals of large or small business fleets. Read on to learn what Fuel Express has to offer and the steps you’ll need to take to set up your account. Should you have a question at any point, please contact us. You can reach Fuel Express’ customer service team by calling 1-800-462-0799 or through our online contact form.

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Benefits to Owning a Gas Card

Your vehicles connect you with your customers, and managing your fleet for peak efficiency can increase profit margins. Filling out a gas card application is the first step to accessing our powerful fuel card account features. Fuel Express puts you in command of your fuel budget. You determine maximum spending limits for each vehicle. The fleet fuel card also integrates with optional GPS solutions.

One of the most attractive features about our fleet fuel card is its nearly universal acceptance. Your drivers will have their choice of 320,000 fueling and maintenance stations. They can stay as close to their routes as possible when fueling and thereby save time and mileage. Your drivers will also have the power to shop by price and choose the most affordable locations. On top of all of this, your online account collects real-time transaction data and organizes paperless receipts. You also get fraud prevention tools and reporting features that help you spot inefficiencies. Fleet fuel cards can be set up with tax exemptions if your fleet qualifies for them. Overall, the automatic data collection and report building will reduce your administrative burdens.

Why Choose a Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card?

As your gas card provider, we charge no startup fees, no annual fees, and no hidden fees. Our fully transparent pricing system includes attentive customer service. We’ll help you learn how to use your account. We’re ready to answer questions and troubleshoot issues at any time. Our customer service team has experience supporting fleets of all sizes from many industries.

Our easy gas card application will ultimately connect your fleet to a nationwide acceptance network of 230,000 fuel locations. Another 90,000 service stations accept Fuel Express cards for maintenance expenses. Your drivers will be able to swipe our gas cards for payment of routine maintenance or emergency repairs.

Let’s Begin The Gas Card Application Process

After sharing basic information about your fleet, you’ll get to consult with a knowledgeable representative. We’ll inform you about the features that appear to be the best fit for your needs. After this consultation, we’ll complete our review of your gas card application.

Get Started

Step 1: Get Started

Our preliminary gas card application will ask you if you want fleet fuel cards, GPS solutions, or both. Fuel Express deploys the Geotab GO9 device to set up GPS for fleets of any size. When you combine Geotab with our fleet fuel cards, you’ll gather valuable insights about driving habits, excessive idling, and engine performance. This information empowers you to boost productivity and increase safety. Geotab also serves as an Electronic Logging Device for compliance purposes. As with the fleet fuel card account, the GPS system automates many of your current paperwork tasks.

After making your selections regarding gas cards and GPS, you’ll provide your contact information. In addition to entering your company name, address, email, and telephone number, you’ll also provide a brief description about your business. We’ll also need essential information about how many vehicles and drivers that you employ and estimated monthly fuel spending.

Initial Review

Step 2: The Initial Review Process

A Fuel Express representative will follow up with you about your gas card application. Expect us to contact you by telephone or email. During our initial discussions with you, we’ll broaden our understanding of your business needs and goals. We’ll listen to the challenges that your fleet faces within your industry.

Consultation of Services

Step 3: Consultation of Services

During your in-depth consultation with a Fuel Express staff member, we’ll confirm the information on your application. This is an important step for avoiding misunderstandings and providing you with effective fleet management solutions. We’ll discuss the best ways to apply our services to your specific fleet to boost productivity and control your budget. Our recommendations will help you customize the features within your fleet fuel card account. From this point, you’ll progress to a more detailed gas card application that collects additional information.

Submit Application

Step 4: Submit Your Gas Card Application

The secondary application asks for information necessary for a credit check and payment processing. You’ll answer questions about your industry, Tax ID number, and contact information for the fleet manager at your organization. We’ll also ask about your business structure and the names of owners or officers. Some statistics about your annual revenue, assets, and fleet size will be needed as well. At the end of the form, owners or officers will authorize the credit check and other financial transactions.

A Fuel Express team member will supply instructions for filling out the gas card application. If you need clarity about any item on the form, we’ll answer your question right away.

Final Review

Step 5: The Final Review Process

We keep the information provided on the second gas card application confidential. Your request for a fleet fuel card account will then undergo a final review. Fuel Express can complete this last step quickly. We’ll inform you about our decision as soon as possible.

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Start Using Your Fleet Fuel Card and Save

Upon approval of your Fuel Express account, we’ll get to work launching the system for your fleet. You’ll receive your gas cards in the mail along with important documentation for your records. You’ll have our guidance as you get to know your online account, and we’ll be sure to explain how everything works. We want you to enjoy the advantages of your Fuel Express account. Our onboarding process will keep the learning curve as short as possible. As soon as the data starts to come in, you can begin optimizing routes and fine tuning your budgets. Ways to cut expenses could become immediately apparent as you track drivers’ spending habits and set purchase restrictions when needed.