Shell Business Gas Card

Benefits Similar to a Shell Business Gas Card

Fuel Express offers an industry-leading fleet fuel card with the features fleets need to thrive. If you’ve been considering a Shell business gas card, consider a Fuel Express fleet fuel card as an alternative. Our business gas card pays for purchases at any Shell location plus 95% of all other fuel providers. Our tools speed up record keeping, protect your budget, and boost productivity. We also provide the option of GPS integration that delivers additional fleet management benefits. Contact us today to see how we can help your fleet save. Please note, Fuel Express is not affiliated with, nor offers sales or customer service for Shell business gas cards.

Detailed Expense Reports

You want to spend time making meaningful decisions instead of tracking down numbers. With Fuel Express, all transaction and mileage data accumulate automatically in your online fleet fuel card account. You can easily monitor fuel costs for each vehicle in real-time. Reporting tools generate detailed reports that could reveal wasteful spending or declining vehicle performance. Everything is downloadable for use by your accounting software.

Great Business Gas Card Budget Controls

Although fuel prices fluctuate, you have a good idea of what fuel should cost on any given route. As the manager, you decide the top spending limit for each vehicle’s budget. A strict upper budget eliminates temptations to buy gas for personal vehicles with a fleet fuel card.

A Fuel Express business gas card can pay for fuel or fuel and maintenance. You decide purchase privileges for each driver. You may limit certain drivers to fuel purchases only and expand the privileges for others. Driver privileges are authorized through a PIN system attached to the card for each vehicle. This way you get spending data for an individual vehicle while monitoring and controlling transactions for any driver of that vehicle.

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Quick Fueling Boosts Productivity

With the help of Fuel Express, you can save money by choosing the closest or most affordable locations. Your drivers can visit the locations on their routes with the best prices. This results in immediate savings and reduces strain on your budget. The Fuel Express Voyager mobile app makes it easy to find convenient fuel stations and check prices.

More time spent on route to customers increases productivity. Drivers can focus on completing appointments or deliveries instead of searching for specific fueling locations. Over 320,000 locations nationwide accept our fleet fuel card.

Our Business Gas Cards Pair with GPS Solutions

Optional GPS upgrades are available to Fuel Express account holders. Even if you don’t want GPS right now, it will be there should you desire it in the future. Automatic integration with fuel expense data will be effortless similar to the Shell business gas card.

Fuel Express uses the Geotab GO9 device that plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II port. Combining our business gas card with GPS results in a robust fleet management system. Geotab qualifies as an Electronic Logging Device and captures information that could save money on insurance. Of course, you’ll also be able to locate vehicles and update customers about arrival times.

Contact Fuel Express Today

We have been helping fleets buy fuel and remain efficient since 1989. Fleet fuel management is our whole purpose. Unlike a Shell business gas card we prefer not to promote a single gas brand. Contact Fuel Express today and learn how we can tailor a fleet fuel card account to your business.