Small Business Gas Credit Cards

Fuel Express helps small business fleets watch every fuel dollar so that they can stay competitive. Keeping fuel budgets under control can be a real challenge, and we offer real solutions. Our small business gas credit cards feature firm budget controls. As the fleet manager, you decide the maximum budget for each vehicle. You can even set limits on spending by individual drivers if desired. Of course, you retain the flexibility to adjust budgets when your needs change. If you’d like to improve your business’ bottom line, contact us today for more information.

Clear Organization of Fleet Expenses

A Fuel Express account works by assigning a fleet fuel card to each vehicle. All charges on an individual card will be linked to a single vehicle. As the transaction data accumulates, you can analyze the cost of each vehicle and route. This information could help you evaluate profits per route or vehicle. You may discover opportunities to save money by adjusting routes or switching vehicles.

The expense tracking also lets you drill down into driver spending behavior. Each driver receives a PIN. The driver enters this code when using any vehicle in your fleet. Information about driver spending habits builds a record of who spends how much and where. You’ll know exactly who is following your spending rules and who isn’t. You could respond by tightening budgets for individual drivers.

Additional account tools:

  • Paperless receipts
  • Access to mileage reports per vehicle
  • Management of contract driver spending
  • No hidden fees

At Fuel Express, we understand that you need to know your financial obligations upfront before committing to small business gas credit cards. When you choose Fuel Express, you pay no startup fees and there’s never an annual fee.

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Small Business Gas Credit Cards Accepted Everywhere

Across the nation, over 320,000 fueling locations accept payments through Fuel Express. Our coast-to-coast acceptance network includes 95% of all fuel stations. Major fuel brands, like BP, Shell, or Texaco, welcome fleets using our small business gas credit cards. The vast majority of truck stops, regional fuel station chains and gas stations at supermarket chains throughout the country are in the network too.

Maintenance also represents a recurring fleet expense. Thousands of maintenance providers accept our fleet cards as well. You can authorize drivers to pay for vehicle maintenance at your discretion. On top of this convenience, your expense reports will organize fuel and maintenance charges for each vehicle.

Benefits of Universal Acceptance

When almost all fuel and maintenance locations accept your small business gas cards, drivers can fuel up along their routes. They don’t have to add extra miles to visit specific locations. Our mobile app even helps them shop for the best prices. The app regularly updates fuel price data so that your drivers can take advantage of opportunities to save on fuel. Also find information on the app about diesel availability and other services like tire repair.

Secure Fleet Fuel Cards

Unfortunately, even the most trustworthy drivers could have their cards stolen or simply lose them. You can report lost or stolen cards to our customer service line. The fleet fuel card will be deactivated and replaced promptly.

Our small business gas credit cards feature many fraud prevention features that block thieves from siphoning away your money. Fuel pump prompts stymie card thieves. Requirements to enter driver ID, vehicle ID, route ID, or odometer reading present obstacles to unauthorized fuel purchases. You may also set up your account to alert you to suspicious activity.

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Small Business Gas Credit Cards for Any Industry

Small business fleets take many forms. HVAC companies need to keep their technicians on schedule. Construction companies must handle supply deliveries. Home health companies send aides to clients’ homes. With Fuel Express as your fleet fuel card partner, you gain the tools to manage fuel expenses no matter what your business does. Our fleet fuel account specialists can provide personal advice when you set up your account. We will recommend the best ways to use our fuel management tools to support your specific business goals.

Learn More About Fuel Express

Small business gas credit cards are the entire focus at Fuel Express. We are a dedicated fleet fuel management company ready to serve small businesses. We bring the tools enjoyed by big companies to fleets of any size. Our gas card account delivers peace of mind with strong budget controls and fraud prevention. Contact Fuel Express today for more information.