Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Save Time & Money with Our Fleet Solutions

At Fuel Express, we know how important running an efficient company can be for your bottom line. If you or your employees waste valuable time and money on tasks that don’t directly benefit the company, your profits are going to decrease. That is why we developed our vehicle tracking solutions for your fleet. Our goal is to help business owners and managers save precious time and money while increasing their profits.

We offer fleet fuel cards that can aid you in tracking your employees’ locations as well as GPS solutions that offer more precise tracking and additional benefits. There are numerous perks you’ll experience when you sign up for our vehicle tracking solutions for your fleet. Whether you are managing hundreds of drivers or just a couple, our software will help your company.

Track Your Fleet Drivers’ Location

With our fleet fuel cards, you’ll be able to link a specific card to each of your drivers. Using our online account, you’ll be able to monitor where your drivers made purchases to determine their location and progress along their route. If you want more precise information about the locations of your drivers, our GPS solutions are just what you’re looking for. When you sign up for our GPS solutions, you’ll be able to view your employees’ locations using Google Maps. You can even send messages and updates to your driver through the GPS system.

Increase Your Company’s Efficiency

When you use our vehicle tracking solutions, you will improve the efficiency of your company and increase your profits. With our tracking solutions, you’ll be able to receive alerts about the activities of your drivers. This can help you keep track of the location of all your fleet vehicles, how many times they stopped and for how long, the number of miles the vehicles traveled in a given time, and the speeds your drivers were going. You can use this information to streamline operations, select more efficient drivers for more important jobs, or have discussions with drivers who may be wasting company time or money. You can also view these reports for your company as a whole and identify areas that need improvement or streamlining across the board. This can help you avoid wasted time and increase profits.

Keep Your Drivers Safe

When you sign up for our services, in addition to improving your company’s efficiency and increasing your profits, you’ll also be keeping your drivers safe. Our GPS solutions can alert you to accidents or other delays on your drivers’ routes. You will be able to notify your driver and redirect them, so they can avoid the area. Additionally, in the unfortunate event that your driver has an accident or needs some sort of assistance, you can share their location with first responders or repair services. Your employees will appreciate knowing that you’ll be able to help should they need assistance in the event of an emergency.

At Fuel Express, our tracking service is designed to help your company improve your efficiency, increase your profits, and manage your employees. Fill out our form today to get started!