Visa Fleet Card

Why Choose a Fleet Fuel Card?

A Visa fleet card provides the convenience and features that fleet managers need. A convenient and all inclusive fleet fuel card from Fuel Express works like a credit card. Drivers simply swipe and enter necessary codes to complete fuel purchases. Transactions are automatically captured in a digital record. However, our fleet fuel card also gives you the power to restrict purchases. You define what drivers can buy and how much they can spend. This is much more secure than a regular credit card that can buy anything. Aligning your fuel budget with only mission critical expenses is only part of what Fuel Express does. We have developed a suite of fuel card features sought out by small, medium, and large fleets. To get the most from your fuel budget, contact us today.

Budget Controls at Your Fingertips

A Fuel Express fleet fuel card lets you customize budgets for each vehicle. You know based on current prices how much fuel a specific route requires. You can set this figure as the top spending limit and block drivers’ temptations to sneak in personal purchases. Like the Visa fleet card, we give you control over the spending of individual drivers. The unique PIN assigned to each driver lets you determine individual purchasing privileges. You can enable spending on fuel and maintenance or fuel only. This system creates clear records about per-vehicle spending and individual driver spending behavior.

Fleet Fuel Card Benefits

Active Fraud Protection

Fraud protection is essential for protecting your fleet’s budget. A Fuel Express business gas card includes security features similar to a Visa fleet card. At the fuel pump, Fuel Express puts up barriers to thieves. You choose the fuel pump prompts that work for your fleet and require drivers to enter codes. Without the correct vehicle or employee ID, the account denies the transaction.

You may also activate exception monitoring to alert you to strange purchases that might slip through. In the event of a lost or stolen card, notify Fuel Express. Our customer service team will shut off the missing card immediately and issue a new one quickly. In this way, we keep your vehicles on the road while blocking thieves. All fraud prevention tools are standard within our fleet fuel card accounts. Contact us to learn more.

Preferred Over a Visa Fleet Card

Fuel Express fleet cards run on the Voyager fleet card network. Operated by U.S. Bank, this acceptance network is massive. Your fleet gets reliable buying power at hundreds of thousands of fuel locations throughout North America. On top of using a reliable transaction network, you have access to top notch customer service. You can contact Fuel Express with any of your concerns. We will solve problems quickly due to the responsiveness of the Voyager system.

Add GPS Tracking with Fuel Express

If you plan to use GPS, then Fuel Express offers an advantage over the Visa fleet card. You can integrate our fuel card account with GPS now or in the future. A seamless connection between fuel transactions and GPS data unlocks new opportunities to optimize fleet operations. Our business gas cards are ready at any time for you to add the Geotab GO9 device. The small device connects to a vehicle’s OBD II port to track vehicle movements. In addition to knowing the exact location of any vehicle in your fleet, you receive information about speed and idling time.

Enjoy the benefits of GPS tracking, like:

  • Easy rerouting around traffic problems
  • Accurate delivery and appointment time estimates
  • Enhanced safety
  • Possibility of saving on insurance
  • Optimization of fleet movements
  • Greater productivity

When Looking for a Visa Fleet Card – Consider Fuel Express

Fuel Express has been in business since 1989. We have evolved alongside the exciting 21st century technical advances in fleet fuel management. New customers receive personalized onboarding support so that they can immediately maximize the benefits of our account features. The Visa fleet card is not your only source for state-of-the-art security, budget control, or digital record keeping. Fuel Express offers everything needed for efficient fleet fuel management. We do all of this without charging you any setup or annual fees. To start an application, tell us about your fleet today.