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Accepted at 95% of All Gas Stations

No matter where your fleet operates, a fueling station that accepts the Voyager Fleet Card will be close at hand. Over 320,000 locations nationwide accept this versatile fuel card from Fuel Express. As a result, 95% of all gas stations will be available to your drivers. With so many locations at your disposal, you can focus on fuel price and proximity to your routes. On top of the freedom to fuel up almost anywhere, your organization won’t have to worry about hidden fees. Fuel Express charges no annual or startup fees to enjoy the benefits of your fuel card account.

Why Choose the Voyager Fleet Card?

A Fuel Express account includes fleet fuel management tools that can unlock greater productivity. The Voyager Fleet Card from U.S. Bank includes features that help you control your budget and keep records efficiently. You also get access to help from the industry experts at Fuel Express. Our advice and guidance can steer you toward the best solutions for your fleet. We’ll recommend how to use your account to meet your fleet’s goals and overcome your fuel budget challenges.

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Universal Acceptance

Universally Accepted Fleet Fuel Card

With a Voyager Fleet Card from Fuel Express your drivers can shop at the best locations along their routes. Major fuel chains, like Shell, Wawa, Texaco, and BP, all accept our fleet fuel card. Smaller regional chains and supermarket gas stations coast to coast further expand the network. The result is nearly universal acceptance of our card. Keeping your drivers on their route without any detours will have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Control Spending

Save Drivers Time & Get the Lowest Gas Price

You and your drivers can work together to tame your fuel expenses. Widespread acceptance of the Voyager Fleet Card means less time spent looking for specific fuel stations. Have your drivers choose stations along their routes instead of taking a detour. This convenience translates into more time spent on business instead of adding unprofitable miles looking for fuel. Additionally, your fleet gains the ability to select locations with the most competitive fuel prices.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Protection & Fleet Fuel Card Limits

A Fuel Express fleet fuel card account is ready to defend your budget. Fraud protection features can instantly spoil thieves’ plans with daily swipe limits. You have the power to place daily limits on spending or total budget for a vehicle. Fuel pump prompts offer firm barriers to loss. Requiring inputs, like a vehicle or route ID can prevent a thief from buying any fuel. The exception monitoring system can also alert you to suspicious activity.

No Extra Fees

No Extra Fees

Managing a fleet presents enough challenges. You don’t want to run into unexpected expenses because a fleet fuel card provider surprises you with fees. At Fuel Express, your Voyager Fleet Card will never result in any startup, annual, or hidden fees. We’re always transparent about the price of our service and provide personal attention whenever you have questions.

Streamlined Reporting

Level III Fleet Data

Our fleet fuel card goes beyond basic “where and when” transaction data. Your account will track fuel expenses by vehicle and separate purchasing activity by driver. Every driver has a PIN that records spending on the card assigned to a vehicle. You’ll get to see who spent how much on what. This information can deliver insights that improve the cost-effectiveness of every dollar spent on fuel.

Maintenance Solutions

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicles need more than just fuel. Use the Voyager Fleet Card to pay for maintenance at over 60,000 service locations throughout the country. When your drivers can easily pay for maintenance, they can minimize delays caused by flat tires or broken belts. With maintenance purchases tracked alongside fuel expenses, you get a more complete picture of fleet operation expenses.

Voyager Fleet Card Mobile App

A convenient way to find nearby gas stations is by using the Acceptance Voyager App for iOS or Android. The app for your fleet fuel card is easy to use. You’ll enjoy up-to-date information on fueling locations, gas prices, and the best driving routes to gas station destinations. The app also allows you to filter fueling locations to meet your specific needs. You can filter by fuel type, car washes, pay-at-the-pump features, maintenance service, and more to make choosing a place easy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today.

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Take the First Step

The Voyager Fleet Card was developed with the business needs of small, medium, and large fleets in mind. What has emerged is an impressive fuel card that can strip miles from your routes, thwart thieves, and gather valuable data. Fuel Express has been helping fleets thrive for three decades. We are ready to find the right solutions for your fleet. Reach out to us today and learn more.