Voyager Fleet Card

Powering Fuel Express Since 1989

Fuel Express has experienced consistent growth since 1989 due to its successful association with the Voyager fleet card. The financial institution behind the Voyager fleet card, U.S. Bank, powers the flexibility and fraud protection that our fleet customers need. Our long-term relationship with U.S. Bank and Voyager has allowed us to provide impressive fuel card services. As a result, we’re fully capable of helping fleets of any size manage costs and increase productivity. Our clientele includes small businesses with a handful of vehicles to corporate fleets with hundreds of vehicles. Our tax-exempt fuel card features also serve nonprofit organizations and government agencies.

Voyager Fleet Card

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Why You Need a Voyager Fleet Card

When you choose Fuel Express, you gain access to fleet fuel card services operated by U.S. Bank. As the fifth-largest bank in the nation, its extensive proprietary network ensures reliability and security for all of our customers. While the bank maintains the financial network, fleet management experts at Fuel Express provide you with personalized customer service. We guide new customers through the onboarding process. Our training will allow you to leverage the fuel card features to their greatest advantage quickly. If any problems arise, our customer service representatives will resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.

The Voyager fleet card has evolved to meet the demands of fleets in all industries. This fuel card system places the tools that you need to reduce expenses in your hands. Strong budget control features and detailed transaction data let you make informed business decisions. Greater oversight of your fuel and maintenance spending translates into a competitive edge for your fleet. You might also potentially qualify for a volume discount!

Benefits to Applying for a Fleet Fuel Card

The Voyager fleet card through Fuel Express has been developed to meet the specific financial needs of fleet operators. You can assign maximum budgets for your routes and monitor spending to halt overspending by drivers. You’ll receive alerts about suspicious activity and have the ability to block certain transactions. You can also require fuel pump prompts to increase security and gather additional data. The benefits that we provide far outweigh the limited tools included in basic business credit cards.

No Hidden Fees
No Annual, Startup, or Hidden Fees

At Fuel Express, we understand how important it is for you to stick to your budget. Thin profit margins can’t tolerate surprise expenses, and we’re completely transparent about fuel card pricing. You’ll know exactly what costs to expect from day one. You won’t encounter any hidden fees with the Voyager fleet card. You pay no annual fees or startup fees either.

Voyager Fleet Card Acceptance
Accepted at Virtually Every Location

Fuel Express connects you to a nationwide network of over 230,000 fueling locations. Major fuel brands, convenience store gas stations, and supermarket gas stations throughout the country process our cards. Your drivers can choose any fueling locations along their routes and shop for the lowest prices. With less time spent looking for fuel, they’ll stay on route and reduce mileage. A mobile app is also available to help drivers compare fuel prices.

Fleet Tracking
Track Your Drivers’ Activity & Purchases

The data collected by the Voyager fleet card presents you with the greatest prize. Through your online account, you’ll see exactly when and where each driver makes a purchase and for what amount. You establish the budget for each driver and control whether they may buy only fuel or fuel and maintenance. You can set daily swipe limits as well. The system also gathers mileage data and then calculates your fuel cost per mile. Additionally, Fuel Express can integrate the Voyager fleet card with our GPS solutions. The resulting big picture about fleet operations lets you improve route design and shave costs even more.

A Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card Delivers

After over three decades in business, Fuel Express has advanced our service offerings alongside innovations in financial services technology. The large bank behind the Voyager fleet card has kept pace with business demands and security. Together, we deliver an exciting suite of fleet fuel card services capable of integrating seamlessly with GPS. We encourage you to discover the many benefits of managing your fuel budget through Fuel Express. True budget control is possible when you have oversight of every fueling transaction in real-time. Speaking with a Fuel Express representative is the first step for getting started with the Voyager fleet card. Sign up and get started today.