Kwik Trip Gas Credit Card

Company Profile

  • Vendor Name: Kwik Trip
  • Headquarters: La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • Year Established: 1965
  • Number of Locations: Over 400
  • Area Served: Midwestern U.S.


Kwik Trip, along with Kwik Star, are both part of Kwik Trip, Inc., which was founded in 1965 by the Zietlow family. The company produces and packages convenience store items in its own facilities and has its own bakery, dairy, commissary, vehicle maintenance, and distribution warehouse divisions.

The Kwik Trip, Inc. bakery produces breads, doughnuts, and muffins while the diary produces bags and pitchers of milk often labeled with a “Milk Moola” banner. Milk Moola is a Kwik Trip, Inc. program that provides funding for schools and has the tagline “Moola for your Schoola.” The company offers a Kwik Trip gas card called the “Kwik Card” for its customers.

Kwik Trip fuel and convenience stores throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota are still run by the Zietlow family today. The family also runs Kwik Star stores throughout Iowa (renamed so they wouldn’t be confused with QuikTrip stores) and stores under the names Hearty Platter and Tobacco Outlet Plus.