Fleet Fuel Card Information

Casey’s General Store Gas Credit Card

Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Total Fuel Card Management

  • Accepted Virtually Everywhere
  • Track Vehicle Activity
  • Control Driver Spending

At Fuel Express, we want to make your fleet more efficient. Our fleet gas card allows drivers to fill up at any Casey’s General Store location. It can also be used at more than 230,000 locations nationwide. This gives your drivers the freedom to choose a convenient location and gets them back on the road.

Budget Management

One of the biggest factors of running a fleet is maintaining a successful fuel budget. With a gas card from Fuel Express, you can track the details of every transaction made at Casey’s General Store. This includes the time, date, and location, no matter which location your drivers make purchases.

You can also set purchase restrictions and spending limits on each fleet fuel card; your drivers won’t spend more than they should or make unapproved purchases. With the ability to track your budget and implement tools to control it, you can create a better management system for it.

Activity Details

Another important factor for success is the ability to track the activity of your drivers and your vehicles. When you pair our GPS solutions with our fleet fuel cards, your drivers will be able to maneuver around detours, traffic jams, roadwork, and other issues in order to complete their routes on time and maintain their efficiency.

In addition, you’ll enjoy real-time alerts to track the activity of your vehicles; we let you track idle times, posted speeds, service reminders, and more. You’ll also enjoy things like diagnostic reports, fuel usage details, and drive time summaries so you can assess the details of your entire fleet operation. When you know what it takes to make your fleet successful, you can easily improve your business.

Similar to a Casey’s General Store Gas Card

If you’re looking for a Casey’s General Store card, talk to us today about the convenient fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express.