A Fuel Express fuel card can be used as an

Sheetz Gas Credit Card

Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Total Fuel Card Management

  • Accepted Virtually Everywhere
  • Track Vehicle Activity
  • Control Driver Spending

Company Profile

  • Vendor Name: Sheetz
  • Headquarters: Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • Year Established: 1952
  • Number of Locations: Over 400
  • Area Served: Eastern U.S.


One day in 1952, a man named Bob Sheetz bought one of his father’s dairy stores in Altoona, Pennsylvania. He ran the store himself and it became a success, so Sheetz’s brother Steve joined him in 1961. In 1963, the two opened a second store called “Sheetz Kwik Shopper” and created the brand “MTO,” which stands for Made-to-Order. They appealed to travelers by allowing their food and drinks to be customizable.

This trend caught on and by 1972, the Sheetz brothers had 14 stores; they opted to add gasoline pumps to them the very next year.

By 1983, 100 Sheetz stores were in operation and Bob decided to retire and left the chain to Steve in 1984. The company continued to grow and in 1995, Bob’s son Stan became president of the company. In 2004, Sheetz introduced a gas card that can be used at any Sheetz location.

Today, the Sheetz chain is still family-owned with locations throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio.